About Us

How we started, and what we do.


The Undefeated Mind all started when I, Yolanda Lear wrote my first book called 'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind'. The book is inspired by my own personal journey and battles against mental health. It is about the journey I had to take to get myself into a place where I know longer felt defeated. Where I was no longer just "alive", I was actually starting to live my life. I was actually starting to believe and chase my dreams. This is a journey I really have a strong desire to share with others.

​After writing my book, I joined a team called the Cool Down Cafe, which is a team of peer mentors/youth leaders, health care specialist and youth workers. The Cool Down Cafe aims to help young people aged 11-18 based in Hackney, east London, tackle their own mental health. By creating workshop, and a safe, comfortable environment for young people to come and talk and really open up about some of the issues young people face.

As much as I love working alongside the amazing team there, I realised there is a strong need to create something like the Cool Down Cafe on a wider scale and not just for Hackney. Since I am a person who loves creative arts/writing, media, music. I wanted to create a platform that utilises these forms of expression to help deal with the rising issue of mental health.

Though my main target is to create this support and motivation for young people, I aim to make this a space for all age groups to connect through, creative arts, writing, media.

Let's tackle the issue of mental health together, with an Undefeated Mind.