Articulate Art - Blogs & Floetry

If you have something uplifting and empowering that you've written. Which you want people too read but don't know how to get it to people. Then this is the place for you.

We know everyone has a story to tell, but may not always know where or how they can tell their story. This part of the website, welcomes people to tell their story. Either through poetry or short stories. It is your story to tell, so don't be ashamed to share it.

Also you might have a hidden talent in writing, but never had a platform to really express it and share it. My aim is to make this website, that perfect place.

If you have a short story you would like to share, or some poetry you are longing for someone to read. Send it in, for a chance for it to be shown on this website.


Photography By Marc Sethi