Creative Arts & Media

A space to express the emotions you hide within outwards. 

My personal belief is the best way to deal with your emotions, is to actually let them out. As an author, poet and just a person who loves creative arts and media overall. I honestly believe this is, and has always been a very powerful tool to release the emotions we so often keep bottled up.

Have you ever read, watched or heard something in which you can relate to, but emotionally it also made you feel so much better.

That is what I want this space to be. A space where people can share their art, poetry, dance, drama. and more. To help express themselves, but also inspire others to do so as well. In doing this, I aim to help others battle through their personal battles with mental health, through the beauty and inspirations of the arts shared on this platform.

Send in your art or videos. This could be drama clips, dance, motivational speeches, videos of you rapping or singing. It could also be paintings, or your photography work.


The Undefeated Mind's Youtube Channel

Find all my motivational videos, talks & advice

Here you can find a direct link to my youtube channel, where I'll be uploading motivational videos, speeches, talks on my book, and other mental health related topics.

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