Poetry - Earned your stripes - By Yolanda Lear

Poetry taken from chapter 8 of my book 'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind'

You put on the gloves and fought a good fight.

Got some bruises along the way, but people should have seen the other guy.

You earned your stripes.

You earned your respect, honour and dignity.

Many tried to tear you down.

But you stood your ground.

Had days which were weary,

tears on repeat,

felt to give in,

throw in the towel,

like that’s it from me.

But you didn’t

You knew you’ll be lying to yourself if you keep quitting

So, you fixed up, washed your face

Ready to get things done

Looking back at your past, like look how much I’ve overcome

You can’t stop now

The missions incomplete,

Stand to your feet, and rise against your defeat

Bury the old you,

Because with the new you, it can’t compete

Now you are finally here,

You’ve reached your destiny

You took the journey

Now reap your rewards

The Undefeated Mind, is finally yours!

written by - Yolanda Lear

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