Poetry - It's time to say goodbye - By Yolanda Lear

Poem taken from chapter 6 of my book 'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind'

It's time to say goodbye,

To that comfort, love, warmness in their hugs,

It's time to say goodbye,

To a sense of time, I once knew and loved,

It’s time to say goodbye

Though the pain is making it tough,

I feel that strain on my heart,

Who knew a loss of love could tear me apart,

It's time to say goodbye,

Though I wish I could just say hi,

One last time, or maybe a few more

This can’t be the end,

But I know it’s time to say goodbye,

Now it’s that moment,

That moment I learnt that I have to say goodbye,

The tears that washed the sides of my face,

The tug on my heart, as I'm forced to face the harsh debts of reality.

Someone I once loved, is now suddenly gone,

A part of my world I didn’t think I could live without.

Yeah, I wished it was all a dream, but I know the truth when it’s standing in front of me,

It's that moment,

That moment I had to say goodbye,

People came from near and far, to part take in your celebration of life,

But as much as I try to smile,

Thinking about all of the wonderful moments we had,

All I could do was cry,

Because now them moments will only ever be memories,

Playing, replaying at the back of my mind,

As I stand in front of your body, laying at rest,

With your coffin as your bed

Ready to go 6ft under

It's that moment I realise you aren’t here no longer,

It's time to say goodbye

As I stand by your grave and reflect on life

It's time to say goodbye,

To what I once knew

It's time to say goodbye,

Out with the old, in with the new

At least that is the phrase people love to say,

Though I know one thing is for certain,

It is now time to say goodbye

Written by - Yolanda Lear

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