Poetry - The First Round - By Yolanda Lear

Poem taken from chapter 3 of my book 'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind'

They see me smile

But not the scars beneath the skin

They hear me laugh

But cannot see the pain that lays within

Is it that well-hidden,

Or are they just that oblivious?

It is a question that constantly lingers, at the back of my mind,

like to say it lives there

Though I do not remember no tenancy agreement

But for some reason I cannot seem to go through with the eviction

I cannot get these thoughts out of my mind

This pain feels like it is embedded into my bloodline

I asked my creator why me,

He said, why not you

I was left with more confusion than answers

Like, why am I chosen

For this life, a life where I just feel broken?

Now you are trying to tell me I am the token

Boy, you must be joking

I am far from it

Got this cover over my head,

Isolated in this dark room

I am not coming out this cave,

It understands me, more than I do

You'll be foolish into thinking I'm the one

I am not Neyo

I can't see no way out

It is like happiness took a drought

Is there an electric shortage?

Coz that light is dimming down

Forcing me stay in this dark room for now,

Trapped in a moment of time

But I wish I wasn't trapped in this moment for time,

Though this moment of darkness made me look deeper into my mind,

Made me realise that I am in fact that luminous light,

It is down to me to change the room from darkness to bright,

But I have to really want it,

I have to be prepared to fight

It is all or nothing

If I really want this Undefeated Mind.

Written by - Yolanda Lear

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