Poetry - Undefeated Mind - By Yolanda Lear

Poetry taken from chapter 8 of my book 'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind'

Stuck in a dark room,

A dark place

A place of comfort but confusion,

I knew I had to break through this

Somehow, some way,

There wasn't no stopping me

I was determined for change

So, my mind I began to train

Building up my confidence, once again

Positive affirmations speaking life, into my mind

Learning my triggers, habits and

How they connect to my traumas

Preparing myself to take on the battles ahead

The first round is the hardest

But it prepares me for the rest

The challenges ahead,

Has got me questioning, what is up next

Do I carry on, or just give up here?

The doubt that strangled my common sense,

Is making it hard to see beyond the grey clouds that rains down on me,

I got to snap out of it, I want that title

You know the undefeated mind,

So, I carry on

Enter the second round

The fight is harder, but I feel stronger

When it gets rough, I get tough

Quitting, I laugh at the thought

I've come too far, can't turn back now

The old me, don't live here no more

I took it to the cemetery,

Buried it 6 ft deep,

The new me is better, more stylish and confident

This new found love, and self-worth

Has got me thinking different,

I'm opening up doors, I never had the keys to before

Thank God, for this renewed mind

Why didn't I apply for this before?

I still take losses, still feel down sometimes,

But on the ground isn’t my home,

I'll be up before you know,

I might take losses,

But defeats now that's a no

No Defeats round here

When your mind is undefeated

We learn our lessons, earn our blessings

And keep on stepping

That's how you move, when you have an undefeated mind.

Written by - Yolanda Lear

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