The Journey To An Undefeated Mind

Written By Yolanda Lear

'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind' is book that is all about the reader, inspired by myself Yolanda Lear, the author's own personal journey and battles against mental health. It highlights some the lessons and blessings that I had learnt along my journey, my hope is to share this with the reader through my book.

'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind' is a direct conversation or speech should I say from the author to the reader. Guiding them through this journey against Mental Health, advising them, encouraging them and speaking life into them when they feel low. Something I didn’t have around me, as often as I would have liked it when I was going through my journey, my battles against mental health. 

It's like having a pocket size friend traveling along with you. Ok maybe slightly bigger than pocket size, but you get what I mean. How often have you had to face something, and you wished you had that extra bit of help guiding you through. Enough support to help you on the right path. But not too much, so you can learn to do it yourself. This is what my book is there for. That extra bit of support. That motivator, or friend that shows you your worth. Shows you that you can, and always could do it. You just had to start believing in yourself again. This is what “The Journey To An Undefeated Mind” is there for. To get you to start believing in yourself again. 

A big thank you to IKB Media Group, for designing my book cover. High standard work.