The workshop that takes you on a journey to unlock your Undefeated Mind.



The Undefeated Mind's workshop, runs for 8 sessions.

Each session focuses on a chapter in the book our director wrote 'The Journey To An Undefeated Mind'.

The session are used to help the participant unlock and to learn how to use the tools needed to really unlock your Undefeated mind.

Our aim is to create safe therapeutic spaces where we open up and share our own personal stories and the lessons learned from it, while doing this we aim to allow a space for other people to feel comfortable to share their stories, reflect and talk about how we can overcome these challenges. Improve our mental health, our well-being and build up our resilience.

'Walk in confidence, walk with purpose, walk with an Undefeated Mind.'

We work with ages 12+, in groups or individually.

Contact us for any enquires on how to get involved in the workshop.


"The sessions are really insightful & informative. It is nice to know that I have a place of therapy where I can learn about how to create a more positive mind whilst dealing with negative things."

Quotes from participants of The Undefeated Mind Workshop.